Saturday, May 10, 2014

CPS ADMINISTRATOR - Failed leadership from the CEO and a zero track record of education excellence from mayor

I am a [deleted] with CPS and at the beginning of my career as a school administrator. … The day to day work that the district expects of me is not only so far off from the training and experience I have to be a professional educator, but takes me away from the basic mission to prepare our children to be educated to live in and contribute to a democratic society. 

We must begin to ask for the evidence on the successes that the mayor, his CEO and the many people she has brought from Detroit and Cleveland attained as educators.  What models of excellence are they following or creating and where is the research to support these models?  How do we ignore a history of failed leadership from the CEO and zero track record of educational excellence from the mayor? The paradigm is one of compliance and empty business jargon. We work in a culture so cut-throat and anti-child that highly educated professionals are forced to scramble to complete checklists and perform data-entry rather than think, plan, and empower the children of the city.

Thank you for speaking up.  Things are more profoundly backwards than parents realize and only truth will set us free. I admire your bravery.

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